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Roland XF 640 Front
SubliTek:”In reality a Roland is the only printer that counts” 1

SubliTek:”In reality a Roland is the only printer that counts”

Danish print sublimation company SubliTek are huge Roland DG fans. They are using their six printers for dye sublimation with amazing results. If you ask one of the owners, Peter Sass Husum there really does not exist any brands besides Roland, when it comes to large format digital print.

Danish print sublimation company SubliTek has existed since the autumn of 2009 and is owned by Peter Sass Husum and Torben Pedersen. Besides the two of them, they also have two employees that sew the banners and flags that they create on their many Roland printers.

SubliTek is a sub provider for ad agencies and sign companies that are not able to perform textile sublimation themselves. These agencies have large-scale clients like Danish toy company Lego. “The costumers choose us, because they know they are getting a fast service and products of the best possible quality- and that is thanks to our Roland printers,” says Peter.

In fact, the business is going so well that Peter and Torben never have to go looking for assignments: “The orders just come to us. Often people hear of us from someone else. Satisfied customers lead to more customers,” says Peter with a smile.

Textile prints that capture every detail
At the moment SubliTek has no less than six Roland printers that are all running. Currently they have the PROIII XJ-640 and VersaART RS-640 as well as the SOLJET PRO 4 XF-640, which they are currently testing. They appreciate the flexibility of having many printers to choose from and when it comes to the choice of brand, there is no doubt in Peter’s mind: “Roland is the only brand of printers that fit our needs. The printers run fast and they make much less noise than competing brands.” He says.


Peter explains the process of how they use the Roland printers for textile sublimation. At first, they print on a piece of coated paper, so the ink is able to bind. Afterwards they place the print in the heating machine on top of the textile of choice. The heater transfers the print onto the textile. Finally, the sewing girls do the final touches on the banner or flag. “I usually call it magic, the results never seizes to impress me,” Peter says.

Peter tells me that the great thing about textile print is that the surface of the textile does not have any reflection like foils and other surfaces do. With a textile, you can easily shine a spotlight on the product without it reflecting he comments while showing a great looking print that looks exactly like a photograph -amazing quality.

Peter is far from the only person that is impressed by the results. The last ten years SubliTek has been printing the graduation projects for the Photography school in the city of Viborg, Denmark. The teachers are always impressed with the impeccable quality they are able to create on textile. ”They say ‘Is that really textile?’ they are used to seeing their photographs on paper and traditional materials, so when they see how every detail is captured on the textile they go bananas!” he says.


Peter also explains why the Roland printers are so good at capturing every detail: “The Roland printers do a magnificent job of capturing the details. The print head has everything that is needed when it comes to the size of the ink drops as well as the multitude. I usually say that we are doing large format fotoquality because everything is done in 720dpi. Some people might say that it is overkill, but that is the quality that is expected today. We are really satisfied with our Roland printers- but I guess you can tell, since we have so many!” Peter laughs.

More Roland on the wishlist
Besides the five printers SubliTek already own, they are currently testing out a sixth one - the SOLJET PRO4 XF-640, to see how it does when it comes to dye sublimation. It is safe to say, that it has not disappointed.
“The XF is really fast. The XF captures even the smallest details of the print because of the smaller sizes of inks droplets. It’s a must-have!” says Peter enthusiastically.

The XF is not the only Roland printer on SubliTek’s wish list. They are also eying the VersaUV LEF-20. Peter explains that he appreciates the versatility of the LEF-20, because you are able to print on virtually any surface, you can think of.


Beating the odds of the financial crisis with Roland
Many people might have thought that is was a risky move to start a new business in 2009 when the recession was at its worst. However, SubliTek managed to survive the crisis and they have even reached one of the goals they set, when they started the company.

“We wanted to have time for our families as well as the business. That goal has definitely been reached- it is very rare that we leave the office later than three o clock pm!” says Peter.

The reason for this is that Peter and Torben use their hours in the office to prepare the prints. Then all the Roland machines do the job of printing while Peter and Torben are at home. The next day the prints are ready to transfer onto the textiles and afterwards to be sewn. Peter really appreciates the stability of the printers: “The printers are amazingly stabile. When you press print they always do the job”.

“The main reason why I love Roland printers is the stability and the quality. I would definitely recommend Roland to others. To us there really does not exist any other brands when it comes to digital printers“. Peter concludes with a smile. 

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