MOBILCOVERS.DK - new possibilities with the Roland VersaUV LEF-20

Even though the Danish mobile phone accessory company MOBILCOVERS.DK has only existed for a year, they are already a huge success. Now the newly purchased Roland VersaUV LEF-20 will help them start a completely new chapter!

One of the owners of MOBILCOVERS.DK Bjarke Mailund Thomsen actually started the company from his small apartment, while he was studying to get his degree in marketing. When he finished school, he asked his friend and fellow marketing-student Mads Maul Jensby if he wanted to share the business with him. He agreed and they started MOBILCOVERS.DK right after Mads had also finished his degree:
”We agreed that now, is the perfect time. We still have not started our families yet. In addition, we are used to having limited budgets from our time as students, which has taught us to deal with money in a sensible way. We never invest in anything for the company until we have the money for it!” Says Mads.

The company that was started in Bjarke’s small apartment has already taken off and now they have just expanded the space to include the building next to them, because they needed the extra stockroom. The amount of employees has also increased from only the two owners to 10 employees.


Roland VERSA-UV LEF-20 marks a new beginning
MOBILCOVERS.DK is a web shop focusing on mobile covers and accessories for mobile phones. Soon they will also be starting a web shop only selling covers for tablets (TABLETCOVERS.DK).
The primary customers are consumers, but larger companies are also beginning to place orders with them.

Until now, MOBILCOVERS.DK have been selling plain covers and accessories for mobile phones, but with the LEF-20, they will start customizing on the covers. “The LEF-20 has great potential when it comes to servicing both companies and consumers. For the companies we can print logos on the covers as well as other promotional items, and for the consumers we have a service where they can upload their own photos and have them printed onto a cover.” Says Mads. 

A Roland printer equals quality!
When Bjarke and Mads were considering which printer to purchase there was little doubt: “We could sense that we needed to go with a Roland printer, if we wanted the best quality! It’s also a huge advantage, that we have a great service contract, if we need help with something.”  Says both Mads and Bjarke.

Once they had narrowed down the choice to a Roland Versa-UV LEF printer they went with the production model LEF-20 that has a print area of 508 by 330 mm.”We went with the LEF-20 because of the larger size. We can produce a lot more in the same amount of time!” Says Mads.

Bjarke adds that the fact that the LEF-20 is so user-friendly was also important: “The process is very easy. We just use the jigs we have and then the machines does the work! We are selling many covers, so it is important that the process is both easy and efficient,” he says.


Keeping the customers happy
Because MOBILCOVERS.DK is a successful company with many satisfied customers as well as excellent reviews on Trustpilot, they need a print solution that will allow them to keep their high standards in both the quality of the products and the fast deliveries. On these terms, the LEF-20 definitely lives up to their standards: “The print quality is so high, that every flaw in the photo is revealed. On the other hand, when the pictures are of high quality, the prints look amazing! ”says Bjarke. Mads agrees: “The printer is very fast and the quality is excellent. I have tried to print on many different surfaces and everything looks great!” he adds.

Mads and Bjarke are so satisfied with the LEF-20, that they are already considering purchasing another one in the future: “It will not be long before we will be thinking about purchasing number two! It would be great, if we could use one for consumer prints and one for companies.  We have a policy where our customers always receive their orders within two days- and we would like to keep it that way. Therefore, it is not unlikely that we will buy another LEF-20 or a LEF-12 within the next six months,” concludes Mads.