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Let us lead the way

Stunning signs for stores and businesses, directional signage, and pictograms for elevators are just a few examples of the signage that we encounter each day. This means that the demand for signs that convey an eye catching message is hard to overlook. With our wide range of printer/cutters, cutting plotters, UV printers and engraving machines, Roland is your ideal partner for the production of all sorts of high-quality signs.

Printing and cutting in one go

It might look complicated, but creating stunning signs that are cut to perfection in vivid colours perhaps even with a hint of gold or gloss is quite simple with a printer/cutter from Roland. Our award winning technology enables print and cut in one simultaneous workflow and will let you produce colourful signs and pictograms for public toilets, elevators, emergency exits and more.

Relying on a cutting plotter

The more simple solution is to rely on a cutting plotter to make eye-catching directional signage. You simply cut letters and shapes into the foil of your choice to produce one or two colour signage.

Print your graphics directly with UV

If you truly wish to stand out and create the most amazing signs and plates for stores and buildings, you can use our UV LEF series to print colourful graphics with gloss or braile effects directly onto all sorts of plates and objects up to 10cm thick.

Engraved signs

Engraving is yet another option. With our line of high quality engravers you can make beautiful, durable sign boards and name plates in wood, metal or harder plastics. Engraved pictograms are also popular applications that will help lead the way and draw attention.